andrea mcclure has a  b.a. in fine arts and has been photographing nature, architecture, and people for over twenty five years.  recently andrea discovered digital photography and is enjoying the freedom and creativity that comes with that medium; she creates original works of art by combining her photographs with the technology of her computer. 
      andrea is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature, the play of light shadow and colour in her day, and the endless visual patterns around her.

 I hope you like what you see on this website!

 All photographs are for sale, information on how to purchase them is available on the 'purchase' page.

 The photos displayed on this website  are the property of andrea mcclure, and she owns the copyright to them.

 No photograph can be used without the written permission of andrea mcclure.

 All photographs have been lessened in quality and digitally watermarked for display only on this website.